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How I made my Pinterest Wedding come to life.

Pinterest is usually a huge part of planning weddings these days. From DIY centerpieces to picking a color palette for the bridesmaids dress, Pinterest seems to have it all. And that's where I ran into a problem. There are SO many ideas and once you start pinning, you'll quickly realize that you should have started planning last year if you're going to complete all these DIY wedding hacks.

So how do you start to really hone your vision? Same way I would handle a new client looking for a logo. You start with research!

Step 1: Pin your little heart out

I recommend starting a secret board. Now you can always share it later once you need to share your ideas, but for now, let's keep this between you and your obsessive pinning into the wee hours of the night. For now, pin everything that catches your attention. EVERYTHING! Then take a break from the screen.

Step 2: Thin the herd

Begin to scan your board and remove anything that doesn't really go together. Delete anything that stands out as "off brand." You should start to see some trends + repeating ideas.

Step 3: Create a color palette I love sites like Adobe Kuler that allow you to experiment with color schemes, browse others ideas, or even upload a photo and you can create a color palette from that. If you're not too keen on creating your own, good old Pinterest has your back and you can easily find one made for you. But find a family of colors/patterns and stick to it. Its a really easy way to bring everything together visually, and your photography will be more colorfully similar.

Step 4: Pick your battles

I wasted a whole Saturday trying to create the best giant chocolate chip cookie recipe. And when I lost that battle, I found out that Winn Dixie would make them for a fraction of the price I already spent on supplies and my time.

Basically, its time to decide what's worth your money budget or your time budget. Do you really have the time to learn floral design and clip enough Micheal's coupons to get all the faux flowers for your centerpieces? OR would your time be better spent elsewhere?

Step 5: Putting it all together

You've planned it all out to the very tiniest of details. You can see the vision of your big day and know exactly how it should look. Now all you have to do, is, well, everything!

Consider these few tips:

a) Ask for help! Your friends and family want to contribute. See if you can rally some

help in areas that aren't necessarily your forte.

b) Focus on the big things first: List the top 3 things that will make your day extra

special and wrangle that bull first and foremost.

c) Don't allow others opinions to out weigh your own. It's easy to forget this when

planning an even like this.

If you need help planning your mood board, or your invitations seem like a daunting task, contact us! We love branding all things wedding related. Click here to contact us!

Any professional photos used in this post were taken by our lovely photographer Amber Shaffer did such a wonder job. As well as our videographers, Lucky Lemon Films, makeup artist Kamila Wysocka, SRQ Makeup and our caterers! Oh man, our caterers did it UP! Fete Catering, Jaymie is just the best.

Bonus feature: the highlights from our wedding day! Click here to see it!

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