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Sounds of inspiration

When you're tired of the same old music, try something more inspirational!

  1. Ted Talks: there is a 7 talk playlist called “The Creative Spark” and another 6 talks under “Kickstart your creativity” These are so great, they are quick like speeches, under 20 min each, and you can learn so much from these people. The smallest idea can really cultivate something huge!

  2. The Creative Spark

  3. Kickstart Your Creativity

  4. There are literally thousands of books here that for a small fee, can drastically improve your lengthy commute or long walk by yourself. Right now I’m listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe has your Back,” and loving it. For me, these are best enjoyed when doing something mindless like driving or working out.

  5. Podcasts: Again, there is something for anyone when it comes to podcasts. From sports, to news, history and fantasy. I’ve recently discovered Sivana Podcast which is about Eastern Spirituality with some yoga Philosophy & conscious living. Episodes are usually 45-60 min and usually incorporates really interesting guests and topics all relating to a more balanced lifestyle.

When you need to sit down & focus (Found on Spotify)

  1. Ambient Chill

  2. Lush & Atmospheric

  3. Relax & Unwind

When you need to kick your own butt into gear:

  1. Spin Cycle on iHeart Radio: Cool thing is, its a free app, and as long as you're on wifi, stream away! I really love that its Dj’s and real remixes. Only minor downside, there are some small commercial breaks, but you can always consider those your time to catch a breath!

  2. And while you're there, might as well give Beyonce radio a shot too. Hell hath no fury like a woman listening to “Formation” on the treadmill.

  3. Spotify: Power Workout playlist. There are over a dozen of great workout playlists already made for your on Spotify. One less thing I can procrastinate with to avoid working out.

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